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rv storage insurance essential protection for your home on wheels

RV Storage Insurance: Essential Protection for Your Home on Wheels

Who doesn’t love a long vacation? The vacation becomes more intriguing when you are traveling in an RV. The cozy home on the wheels. We all share a deep bond with our RV; it's not a mere home for us but a portal to experience new adventures. 


However, traveling in an RV comes with potential risks, especially related to parking. Every RV owner gets strange thoughts when their RV is parked. We constantly fight the questions like “Is my RV and the stored content protected?” This is where RV storage insurance steps in. It acts as a shield from unfortunate events, so you can rest assured that your stored contents are safe in the RV. 


Securely parking the RV is still an unresolved problem. But not anymore. RV storage insurance is not a fancy accessory but rather an essential safeguard for your home on wheels. In this blog, we will unravel the details and conditions of RV storage insurance while also underscoring its importance.

What is RV Storage Insurance?

RV storage insurance or RV contents storage insurance refers to the insurance of the stored contents in your RV. It is an important safety asset when traveling in an RV, as it can protect your stored contents in the RV in various instances. Plus, it will also allow you to safely park your RV and rest assured that your stored contents are safe.

The Difference between RV Insurance and RV Storage Insurance

Many people mix it with RV insurance. However, it's a lot different than RV insurance. An RV insurance covers the driver, certain types of accidents, and the damage to the RV. It may also cover the contents of the RV (to some extent) depending on the policy and the insurance provider. Mostly, RV owners buy RV insurance.


On the other hand, RV storage insurance is solely to protect the contents of the RV, and it is mostly bought by the RV renters. 

Why Do You Need RV Storage Insurance?

As per recent studies, an overwhelming number of RV owners face difficulties in safeguarding their home on wheels. Be it from fire and flood or from theft and vandalism.


RV storage insurance not only protects the contents stored in it. It is to keep you covered from financial losses in case of theft, fire, and vandalism.


Every RV owner understands that it's not possible to keep your RV running all the time. There will come a time when you will want to park it somewhere and get a good sleep. Plus, even if you rent out RVs, it's impossible that your RV is always rented. You will need a safe parking spot for your RV when it's not rented. 


Imagine this: you are on an exciting adventure, and in the middle of the journey, you face an unfortunate event at a pit stop. In the middle of the journey, you will now have to deal with the material loss and cover the financial losses. 


Things could have been much different if you had RV storage insurance and your RV was parked in a secured facility. Statistically speaking, parking locations significantly affect the chances of unfortunate events. 


It's not just a hypothetical scenario; it's a real-life assurance that when the unexpected occurs, RV storage insurance coverage will have your back, ensuring that your dreams on the road don't come to an abrupt end.


Many storage facilities offer safe RV parking with a secure boundary wall and required safety measures such as enclosed boundaries and security personnel. An RV storage insurance will protect the stored contents in your RV in the RV storage or in an outdoor trailer storage.

What’s Covered in the RV Storage Insurance?

RV storage insurance covers all your stored contents in your RV, whether motorized or a trailer. However, there are certain conditions that should be met. 


The foremost condition is that the RV should be parked in an enclosed storage facility with proper security measures. It could also be an outdoor trailer storage or an RV parking. You can not just park your RV anywhere and expect your RV storage insurance provider to cover the contents, as parking outside an enclosed facility can significantly increase the probability of damaged content. 


Discount Storage Insurance offers RV storage insurance, which covers all the contents that are stored in your RV. Moreover, our versatile policy does not force you to park your RV in our facility only, even though we have multiple storage facilities across the United States. You can park your RV in any storage facility as long as it is an enclosed facility with a gated entrance and has primary security measures like surveillance cameras. 


The storage insurance covers all the items in the RV that are not a part of or attached to the RV. For instance, if you have a TV stored in your RV, it's covered. But, if the TV is attached to the wall of the RV, then it’s considered a part of the RV, and the RV storage insurance does not cover it. 

Is RV Storage Insurance Required?

No, RV storage insurance is not required by law. However, it is an important safety measure that should not be ignored. 


It’s because RVs are our second house on wheels. We design them as luxurious as we can and constantly try to make them more lavish. Thus, we include some expensive items in our RV. Hence, the need for RV storage insurance increases. 

Does My RV Insurance Cover My Stored Contents?

The simple answer is No; generally, RV insurance does not cover your stored contents. However, it mostly depends on the insurance provider. Contact your Agent to learn more about the extent of your RV insurance coverage. Some insurance policies do cover stored contents. However, the extent is often limited and comes with many conditions. 


The best way to cover your stored contents is to get a separate contents storage insurance. This way, all your stored contents will be covered. 


Our content storage insurance will cover all the stored items in your RV. Given that the item is not attached to (or a part of) the RV. Also, the trailer should either be in outdoor storage or RV parking. 

To Sum Up

RV storage insurance is a crucial part of a safe adventure. Hence, it should not be overlooked. RV storage insurance covers all the stored contents. However, it does not cover the items that are a part of the RV/trailer or are attached to it in any sort. 


To keep your stored items covered and protected, it's best to store the RV in outdoor trailer storage or RV parking with a boundary wall and primary security features. Otherwise, you will be violating the terms of your RV storage insurance and jeopardizing the terms of your policy. 

Contact us for comprehensive RV storage insurance and secure your RV even when parked.